To provide you with a powerful option to protect your Nest-Egg . Whether it be an IRA, 401(k)s or your hard earned cash to help you protect against market volatility and inflation through physical precious metals. This singular dedication and service has made us the number one Gold and Silver IRA provider in the Nation..

Our Vision

We believe Precious Metals offer peace of mind and financial stability during financially unstable times. We offer a convenient way to convert your current 401k/IRA to a physical gold & Silver IRA. We were founded on the principles of customer service, reputation, and trust.

What Makes Us Different?

We make it easy. People are increasingly becoming aware of the need for precious metals as a hedge against inflation, financial turmoil and other risks facing us today. Although gold is mankind’s oldest known form of money, how to purchase precious metals is a mystery to most Americans today. We’re here to change that. At Precious Metals Direct, we’ve turned the entire process into several simple steps allowing anyone at any level of knowledge to buy physical precious metals or add them to their IRA. If you are one of the many Americans who have woken to the importance of precious metals but don’t know where to begin, we’re here to educate and walk you through finding the solution that is best for your needs.

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