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Investing in Gold and Silver is not a new concept. Gold and Silver have been a time-tested store of wealth that has been used as a form of currency for thousands of years. With the passing of the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) in 1975 led to the formation of the Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account (Self Directed IRA). Self-Directed IRAs allow individuals to roll over a portion of their retirement accounts into certain types gold and other precious metals (silver, platinum, palladium), as well as other alternative investments. Precious metals appeal to investors due to their time-tested stability. Over time, the value of precious metals rises with inflation so many consider them to be a hedge against a weakening dollar. In addition, gold and silver are popular investments when market volatility is high,measured by the VIX index.

Reasons to add Gold & Silver of your IRA

People everywhere are turning to physical Precious metals as a way to protect themselves from stock market crashes and economic instability. When the markets crashed in 2008 Gold and Silver went on to almosttriple in value. Adding the right amount of defense to your strategy is prudent and most financial advisers and investment experts agree that Gold and Silver have found their rightful place in any plan. Because Gold and Silver tend to have high demands no matter what the global climate is they have never been to zero and have remain in high demand for years and years. Also when the value of the dollar falls, and consumer confidence is diminished, demand for gold and silver increases; gold is a currency hedge and it can be used as a method of portfolio diversification and has a history of maintaining its value.

What form of Gold & Silver are allowed in IRA’s?

The gold & silver you place in your IRA needs to meet certain quality guidelines. Gold & Silver that you already hold in your possession is also not eligible to be added to your IRA.

In order to qualify for your IRA,

  • The gold &silver must have a fineness of .999, or 99.9% purity
  • Your gold must be held by your custodian in a secure depository.
  • IRA Contribution Limits apply
  • If you already own gold in your possession, you cannot add that gold to your IRA but you are more than welcome to open a gold IRA and purchase new gold to add.
  • Your PMD account specialist will make sure you only purchase IRA qualified metals to avoid any issues.

Unlike other companies who sell mining stocks or other forms of precious metals in paper or digital form, Precious Metals Direct delivers physical metals to your IRA custodian to be stored in a vault or other secure location. While paper and digital forms of investments can be subject to drops in value during market crashes, physical gold and silver have historically increased in value during these times.

Holding physical gold and silver in a precious metals IRA provides the best of both worlds; if you are fortunate enough to not endure a stock market crash or deep recession in your lifetime, the value of the metals held by your IRA custodian could grow exponentially over time due to the decreasing value of the dollar and inflation with no further effort on your part. Or, if you do endure the almost inevitable market volatility, your retirement metals can be withdrawn from your precious metals IRA in case of emergency.

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