Why Buy Gold?

Today’s savvy investors buy gold. Not to get rich quick but because it offers a store of value as it remains the oldest “safe haven asset,” known to man. Today physical Gold also offers a potential hedge against inflation and a devalued dollar, as some often refer to it as portfolio insurance.

It’s amazing to think that 2500 years ago as a well as today Gold has remained the asset of choice among Governments, Central banks institutions and individual investors looking to hold value in its money supply. The stark reality is when currencies and economies falter, investors tend to focus even more on gold.

The value of paper currencies has declined in recent years as central banks have pumped trillions of dollars into the world economies. In the last decade the value of the U.S. dollar has diminished dramatically, while the price of gold has increased over 300 percent.

Do They Know Something You Don’t?

Why have the world’s governments began to acquire gold by the ton? Why are the world’s rich and elite now buying gold instead of stocks and other traditional investments? Because they understand what to buy and when. The United States is in the midst of the greatest economic boom in human history and as a result the price of gold has plummeted to historic lows. While most Americans are distracted by today’s roaring times, governments and the very wealthy are quietly acquiring gold at rock-bottom prices. They know that as the world’s economy cycles back into a period of recession, gold has historically seen a dramatic increase in value, not only protecting their wealth, but increasing it. The same gold is available to you today, at the same low prices.


  • Gold is Real CurrencyGold can be easily converted into cash, anytime, anywhere on the planet. This phenomenal liquidity is unique to Gold. In other words, owning Gold provides a powerful option to have during uncertain times. While questionable decisions by governments and financial institutions can bring about tremendous economic hardship, Gold however offers a way to remain insulated from this type of volatility. As such, precious metals can be utilized as ‘real currency’ outside of the banking system.
  • Impacting Your Wealth with GoldWhile retirement account holders tend to have a substantial portion of their savings dedicated to cash, stocks, bonds and foreign currency; Gold has remained the choice for individuals and institution including governments and central banks around the world. buyers. The desirability of Gold has remained in tacked for because of its inherent value as a commodity, as well as its reliability as a safe form of wealth insurance.
  • Gold Remains Store of ValueGold is widely recognized for maintaining its ‘store of value,’ and protects against inflation, overage of money printing, U.S. dollar decline, stock market decline, oil price increases, and global unrest.Gold is one of the easiest physical assets to buy and sell. While stocks and housing can be quite non-fluid in declining markets, Gold however during these times has typically increased in price and is desirable on a global not just domestic level. The smart buyers are those who proactive and not reactive. If you have been waiting to buy Gold, your waiting stops here. Buy gold and add it to your savings like many already done.

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