Why Silver?

  • Silver is Another Great OptionSilver is an extremely important asset that can help diversify any buyer’s nest egg. Silver holds intrinsic value both as a precious metal and as an industrial metal, which creates a global demand no matter the market’s condition. You will find Silver in everything from batteries to dental fillings, LED chips to nuclear reactors, solar energy to semiconductors, water filters, antibacterial agents, and touch-screens. According to the Silver Institute’s World Silver Survey of 2014, 54% of total physical Silver demand comes from its industrial uses. Silver’s versatility and continuing demand makes it an indisputably sound purchase. Those who have owned Silver since the beginning of 2016 have seen the value this precious metal brings to a well-diversified retirement account. There is no better time than now to protect yourself against the next market downturn.
  • Silver PricesWhen demand outpaces any asset’s supply, its purchase price will rise. Silver is perfectly poised to benefit from its worldwide demand when supply is waning. Demand for this physical metal is primarily driven by technical and industrial uses, which on their own have outpaced annual Silver production in every year since 1990. The U.S. government once held one of the largest stockpiles of Silver on the planet but had dumped billions of ounces in recent years onto the world market. Artificially depressed Silver prices has ended, and the government is now a major buyer of the precious metal. This in theory should decrease the supply and increase demand for Silver, which many experts believe will cause prices to continue to increase.

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